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Avi Care

#00012 $12.16 Avi Care 100ml Concentrate
#00013 Avi Care 500ml Concentrate
Special Order Only
#00014 Avi Care 500ml Ready To Use
Special Order Only

Directions: avi care should be used as a general disinfectant in animal environments.

The concentrate is diluted with water 1 part avi care in 50 parts water (20 mLs per Litre). At this dilution avi care performs to the "Hospital B" standards of disinfection.

For all animal areas and equipment, remove gross contamination (faeces, leftover food, bedding etc) and wash with dilute avi care. Do not rinse, allow to dry.

Food and water containers should be washed in an avi care solution and rinsed and dried.avi care may be used in animal hospital areas, hospital cages, brooders and incubators.

To maintain hygiene on these hard surfaces simply spray with avi care and wipe away excess. Allow to air dry.

Examples of avi care use to maintain a healthy environment:
Birds � cages, perches, toys, food and water containers. Hand rearing equipment, incubators and brooders.
Dogs and Cats � food and water containers, brushes, combs and collars.
Rodents � houses and cages, food and water containers, exercise wheels etc.
Reptiles � herpavariums, tanks and enclosures. Food and water containers.
Horses � equipment, brushes, combs, clippers, dental equipment, leads and headstalls.

Do not use in fish tanks, ponds or fish equipment (nets etc).

Ingredients: Halogenated Tertiary Amines.