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Organic Ingestible Diatomaceous Earth
This Product Really Works "Without Insecticides"! All Natural Crawling Insect Killer...

#164 $3.29 Diatomaceous Earth 8oz
See Dosage Info Below
#165 $6.59 Diatomaceous Earth 1lb
See Dosage Info Below

Completely safe for your birds! Diatomaceous earth will kill any hatching insect larva in your existing seeds and also helps to irradiate any crawling insects. Diatomaceous earth will also help to kill any internal worms your birds might get from ingesting the seeds they eat daily that the Ivomec does not kill.

Should you already have a flower moth problem from seed previously purchased elsewhere, we offer both the diatomaceous earth and the flower moth sex lure traps (above) to eradicate this problem.

The ingestible diatomaceous earth is also a safe powered insect killer to be used inside and around the aviary which is great for crawling insect control like ants, crickets, beetles, weevils, earwigs, millipedes, pill bugs, larva, worms and any other crawling insects which might be after your baby birds or seed and this product is perfectly safe for your birds. It will also work in your nesting boxes to help keep out crawling insects.

Diatomaceous earth will only work in dry conditions! Once it gets wet it looses its insect killing properties. Because of this it is sometimes necessary to use something stronger ´┐Żoutside´┐Ż the loft as an added barrier for the more stubborn insects like Permectrin II Concentrate.

* D-EARTH DOSE: To treat bird seed to prevent bugs or larva, we mix about 1 cup to 100lbs of seed. I would suggest about 3 tablespoons per 5lbs of seed.

As a crawling insect killer sprinkle lightly in nesting boxes and on the floor of cage or loft.

For more information please view this PDF on Diatomaceous Earth

Do not get in eyes.
Prescription Avian/Animal Remedy
Keep Out of The Reach of Children
For Avian/Animal Treatment Only