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Ivomec: 2 sizes available with a " Drip Top Applicator Bottle"
3cc: Size treats aprox 20 to 30 birds
6cc: Size treats aprox 30 to 60 birds

#167 $7.99 Ivomec Concentrate 3cc
#267 $14.99 Ivomec Concentrate 6cc

Only one drop is needed for treatment!

Ivomec will rid your birds of any air sac mites, most worms and many other internal and external parasites such as blood sucking lice and mites. There is some speculation amongst professional breeders that this medication "Ivomec" may cause temporary sterility in birds so just to be sure this does not affect our breeding season, we treat our birds once a year during the first week of January to give them a full 4 months to clear out any residuals of the medication from their systems prior to breeding our birds.

DOSE: Treatment is 1 drop of Ivomec under the wing or on the back of the neck just below the head, directly on the skin. The Ivomec will be absorbed through the skin.

If there is not a patch of skin exposed, gently blow with your mouth on the feathers close to expose some skin for application. If you are not comfortable with lifting your bird�s wing and would prefer to apply the Ivomec in a different area, you may do the same (soft blowing) of the feathers just below the base of the skull on the back of the neck to expose some skin and apply 1 drop directly to the skin.

Be sure to wash your hands thoroughly after application. It is not recommended to use other medications together with this product therefore it should only be administered separately. After treating your birds with Ivomec wait about 2 weeks before other treatments are implemented.

Prescription Avian/Animal Remedy
Keep Out of The Reach of Children
For Avian/Animal Treatment Only