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#70642 $29.27 PIGEON Trizole TABS 100pk

Active Constituents: per tablet - 25mg Ronidazole, 25mg Secnidazole, 5mg Diclazuril

Antiprotozoal and anticoccidial tablets for the treatment of Canker ( Trichomoniasis ) and Coccidiosis in pigeons. The combination of rapid acting Ronidazole with the much slower acting Secnidazole means a single dose will have rapid but long lasting activity against the canker organism. Early disease treatment is recommended as birds with severe disease ( canker abscesses ) may not recover. Diclazuril is very effective against coccidia when given a single high dose treatment.

Canker: ( Trichomoniasis ) is probably the most common disease affecting pigeons throughout the world. Adult birds are often carriers - that is, they have the organism and spread it to other birds but look totally healthy themselves. The organism is commonly spread via food and water by carrier birds and passed from parents to thier young. Overcrowding, poor hygiene, and other stress factors result in greater spread of infection.

Coccidiosis: is also a common disease of finches, canaries, budgies, and pigeons. The parasite is passed from one bird to another via dropping contamination of food and water. Lethargy, diarrhoea, weight loss, and sudden death are all signs of infection with coccidia. Young birds are most susceptable and the disease may present in many ways. A veterinarian can diognose Coccidiosis by examining fresh dropping. Coccidiosis is always worse during warm, wet conditions. Regular removal of the droppings helps to reduce the spread of the organism.

Directions: Adninister Trizole tablets after feeding, at a rate of one tablet per pigeon, once only. In severe cases a second dose in 5-7 days may be necessary. The combination of actives in Trizole tablets provide safe and long lasting action. This medication will not cause infertility, neurological problems or reduce performance. Can be used all year round including the breeding season and when birds have young in the nest.